How To Enhance Your Camera Phone

Even though the iPhone, Galaxy and many other smart phones have a camera with great quality, you can enhance your camera phone by using additional lens. With fisheye lens being commonly used, I have been wanting to take awesome photos with fisheye lens on my iPhone for the longest time. Hence, I was very excited to team up with Zeso Global Trading and been having tons of fun ever since I received the lens kit. The 3-in-1 Zeso kit includes a 198 degrees fisheye lens, 15x macro lens and a wide angle lens. The 198 degree fisheye lens allows to see a larger range from left to right creating a circular, distorted appearance to the photo. Whereas, the 15x Macro lens focuses on an item capturing vivid details that the invisible eye are unable to see and the wide angle lens captures an extensive view of an area. Honestly, all three of the lens have certainly improved my phone camera experience. Out of the three lenses, the macro lens was my favorite without a doubt. As shown in the photos below, Zeso’s macro lens are effective in providing fine details on the focused object creating stunning photos. Overall, the lens were made of good quality and the lens are very simple to use with Zeso providing an ebook for assistance and tips for using the lens. Since Zeso lens can be easily attached by a clamp that Zeso’s kit includes, Zeso is compatible to any cellphone, tablet or laptop. I also appreciate how Zeso provides a small hard case to store and protect the lens from any damage.
You can capture a moment using Zest Lens by purchasing the kit here on Zeso Global Trading or here on Amazon.
Above photos are taken with Zeso’s macro lens
Above photos are taken with Zeso’s fisheye lens
The photo on the left is the normal lens and the right is taken with Zeso’s wide angle lens.

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