How Not To Lose Your Hair Ties




Who else sometimes feels like their hair ties have legs and walk alway? I do! Haha not literally but it seriously feels like that at times when I miraculously lose them. Rather than throwing your hair ties in your messy bag or tossing them on your dresser, here are some tips on how not to lose your hair ties:


Store in jars

Just like everything else, hair ties need a specific place to be stored. You can easily store your hair ties in a cute decorative jar like these two. I particular like this jar set because it has beautiful details and looks so lovely on my dresser. I also like how these jars aren’t clear so it looks cleaner since it does not display the hair ties. I use the smaller one to store my hair ties and the larger one to store my makeup brushes.



How Not To Lose Your Hair Ties, decorative jar

How Not To Lose Your Hair Ties, decorative jar

How Not To Lose Your Hair Ties, decorative jar

How Not To Lose Your Hair Ties, decorative jar


Binder Rings

Using a binder ring to store your hair ties is inexpensive yet so effective. Before I got a decorative jar, I used to clip my hair ties to a binder ring. Now, I just like to carry one in my bag for emergencies. I definitely recommend to do this when you are on-the-go.


How Not To Lose Your Hair Ties, hair tie tricks



5 Responses to “How Not To Lose Your Hair Ties

  • David Elliott
    3 weeks ago

    I will have to show this to my daughter. This would definitely help us keep her hair ties together. I need something like that for here.

  • Sylvie Anne Hanes
    3 weeks ago

    what a beautiful container! I kept mine in small jars in both bathrooms, since it was there that we mostly used them.

  • I need to buy this for my gf asap. They are all over our house!

  • These containers look very cool – but first I gotta get hair long enough to put some ties in! 🙂

  • I am in love with this! I am notorious for losing my hair ties!

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