Palazzo Pants For Your Body Type

Those wide-leg groovy pants from the 70s are once again being seen on the streets. If worn correctly, all body shapes can look flattering in palazzo pants.


palazzo pants, the elephant pantspalazzo pants, the elephant pants


Palazzo Pants For Your Body Type


Pear Figure

As long as the palazzo pants are not tight, palazzo pants do wonders for the pear body shape. If you want to bring less attention to your thick thighs, palazzo pants will help you in doing so.

Tip: Aim for palazzo pants that are fitted at the waist and are loose at the thighs.


Apple Figure

Palazzo pants can actually make apple body shapes appear thinner and longer.

Tips: Wear a belt or use palazzo pants with a drawstring waist to create an illusion of a waistline. Aim for dark, solid colors or subtle prints such as gingham, small polka dots and horizontal lines. At the same time, you want avoid hectic prints and patterns. Lastly, avoid figure hugging fabrics such as spandex, chiffon, stain and rayon.


Athletic/ Thin Figure

Palazzo pants can be flattering on athletic and thin figures. These loose pants can in fact make these body shapes appear curvier than they actually are.

Tip: Wear a crop top or fitted top to embrace your slim upper body since your lower half is going to appear curvier with the loose palazzo pants.


Hour-Glass Figure

Woman with an hour-glass figure can rock palazzo pants with no problem.

Tips: Aim for ones with a drawstring to enhance your slim waist. Also, you want to aim for body hugging fabrics for your top to enhance your killer curves.


Long Legs

Luckily, palazzo pants complements women with long legs because it makes the legs appear even longer.

Tip: Shopping in-store may be your best bet. However, you can still shop online and look at the reviews to see if the sizing runs small because you may need to size up so they are long enough for your legs.


Short Legs

Just because you have short legs doesn’t mean palazzo pants are out of the picture.

Tips: Get them tailored or pair them with your favorite wedges.


palazzo pants, the elephant pantspalazzo pants, the elephant pantspalazzo pants, the elephant pants

Since I have an hour-glass figure, I personally like to wear palazzo pants that have a drawstring to clinch my waist. I am wearing Tyke Navy and Gold Boho Pants with a drawstring waist from The Elephant Pants and absolutely love them! I literally feel comfortable (and beautiful) wearing them in or out of the house. I am wearing a size medium and they fit cozy and are the perfect length (I’m 5’7). I am so happy to collaborate with The Elephant Pants because they give back and donate 10% of their profits to Tusk, a charity that is dedicated to saving elephants.


palazzo pants, the elephant pantspalazzo pants, the elephant pantspalazzo pants, the elephant pants


15 Responses to “Palazzo Pants For Your Body Type

  • Ramona Spires
    4 months ago

    I love that you explain how these palazzo pants look on all body types. Some clothes do not always look good on all body types. I love this whole look. It would be perfect for my daughter.

  • Sylvie Anne Hanes
    4 months ago

    Back to the 70s is right! I loved bell bottom pants, and these look a lot comfier! Thanks for sharing tips on different body types – At 5″2, I can tell you very few pants really fit well without alterations. Thanks!

  • Cole Nemeth
    4 months ago

    These are cute! I have short, chubby legs so I’ve always avoided palazzo pants, but I like your suggestions for wearing them!

  • Jessica Hughes
    4 months ago

    I’ve never really thought about the fact that palazzo pants are great for any body type, but you are absolutely right! I love palazzo pants, they are so comfortable and I think they have such a great look.

  • Stephanie
    4 months ago

    I’ve never seen these pants before! I love them, they look great for almost everyone.

  • Joline
    4 months ago

    These look great! And I love how they flatter all body types. They’d be perfect for our upcoming vacation.

  • Michael @ Super Millennial
    4 months ago

    Back to the 70’s! I have a friend who has some very similar I’ll be sure to forward her this post!

  • Cecilia
    4 months ago

    I love palazzo pants especially paired with a white t-shirt. I usually like my pants to fall down to my feet, although I have short legs.

  • Pooja Sharma
    4 months ago

    Palazzo pants are so in! And I agree they can complement every body type when chosen correctly.

  • Carol Cassara
    4 months ago

    It looks so comfy! I think it’s really lovely to have especially for a summer holiday. It’s nice to know that it works on every body shape and it does help make your legs seem longer.

  • Debbie Savage
    4 months ago

    This is so helpful! I love palazzo pants and now I can choose one better suited for me.

  • David Elliott
    4 months ago

    I could see how they could look nice on almost everyone. They look very versatile and can be used with almost anyone.

  • sonali jain
    4 months ago

    Plazzo pants are in fashion nowadays as they are so comfy yet cool. beautiful pictures 🙂

  • Christiana
    4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing how the palazzo pants look on different body times. Really helpful. It looks really good on you.

  • Thena
    4 months ago

    These are beautiful, love the colors. They look really comfy as well!