Reasons Why You Should Be Meal Prepping


meal prepping


Whether you are working on toning up your physique or looking to shred some pounds, there are numerous reasons why you should be meal prepping. You can easily meal prep for breakfast, lunch or dinner… or simply all three!


Saves time during the week

Remember, meal prepping on Sundays means you will be thanking yourself during the week. Sometimes you don’t feel like making a healthy meal after a long, busy day during the weekdays.  Treat your Sundays as a day to prep for the week. More free time during the busy week means more time to squeeze that necessary gym session.


Decreases risk of cheating

Meal prepping decreases your risk of cheating on unhealthy meals that are quicker and easier to make (ex. microwave food.) Prepping meals helps you stick to that strict diet you are desiring to keep. If you want to commit to sticking with chicken breasts (or vegan chicken) and brown rice, you better continue to meal prep or else you will slowly see yourself falling back.


Helps avoid overeating/ under-eating

Meal prepping easily allows you to know your limits and proportions. When not prepping, you may find yourself overeating because you are not keeping track of your proportions. On the other hand, not prepping sometimes makes it difficult to realize if you are feeding your body enough especially during strenuous workout days.


More money in your pocket

Meal prepping means you are not going to Chipotle for lunch because you have lunch already prepared in your lunchbag. In essence, you will end up saving money from not eating out and your wallet will be thanking you later.


One meal prepping must-have is a prep bag. I particular love using prep bags that are spacious yet are small with tons of compartments. Luckily, I received a Marvel PerfectPrep Bag limited edition hero series from The Perfect Shaker. I selected The Punisher one, which is black and white with The Punisher logo. This bag keeps food fresh up to 8 hours (depending on outside temperature.) It is nice how this bag is lightweight yet has a lot of compartments for utensils, napkins, protein bottles… you name it! Undoubtedly, the PerfectPrep Bag easily assists in meal prepping and managing my diet.  You can find this awesome meal prep bag at The Perfect Shaker or at your local Vitamin Shoppe.

PrefectPrep Bag Includes:

  • 1 large cool pack & 1 medium cool pack (TSA approved)
  • 3 large seal-tight containers (BPA Free)
  • Vitamin & protein mix dispenser (BPA Free)
  • Spacious compartments to store utensils, napkins & protein bottles


meal prepping

meal prepping

meal prepping

meal prepping

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20 Responses to “Reasons Why You Should Be Meal Prepping

  • Robin Rue
    10 months ago

    I haven’t started this yet, but I totally get why people do this. I might start meal planning one of these days.

  • Amila Wickramarachchi
    10 months ago

    Meal prepping is helpful to save time.When there is healthy food options,it avoid the lot of junk foods.Love this idea!

  • Amber Myers
    10 months ago

    I do need to start doing this. I hate to cook, so this might help. That bag is pretty cool!

  • I’m so glad I ran into this post. I’ve been struggling to really get motivated to lose this weight after having my son.

  • Hannah Marie
    10 months ago

    I think meal planning is really helpful and all your tips are true. You will also be disciplined through that.

  • Tiara Wilson
    10 months ago

    I most definitely need to start meal prepping. I absolutely hate when we have a busy day and we eat out because we don’t have time to make a meal!

  • Jessica Taylor
    10 months ago

    I’ve been wanting to try this, but always feel overwhelmed. Maybe I should slow down and do one week at a time.

  • Elizabeth O.
    10 months ago

    Meal prepping is pretty amazing. It definitely saves you time and money. Those two should be enough reasons to give it a try.

  • Carol Cassara
    10 months ago

    That’s awesome. I love bringing my own lunch because then I can keeo track of what I eat. It’s important for me to eat as healthy as possible.

  • Amanda Love
    10 months ago

    I meal plan to save time especially when I know that I’m going to have a busy week. I think meal prepping is a grest idea. It really is effective when you’re trying to lose weight.

  • Anita R. Mckaney
    10 months ago

    The prep bag is a great idea! I need to think more about prepping meals for our family of four.

  • Payastyle
    10 months ago

    So true! I’ve started meal preparing some time ago and it saved me so much money and time!

  • David Elliott
    10 months ago

    I know that meal prepping is a great thing. I really do wish that I were better at it. :). I am trying to do home cooked meals. It is easier to cheat when you haven’t planned them in advance.

  • stacey
    10 months ago

    I know this would save a lot of time during the week, I wish I could follow through and do it.

  • Whitney
    10 months ago

    Great posts! You don’t have to tell me twice. It’s important to meal prep. I have a family of 5 and it’s a lifesaver.

  • Ana Ojha
    10 months ago

    I try to plan the next day meal at every time! It saves a lot of time and gives me an ample amount of time to focus on other stuff!

  • Shaun Pilapil
    10 months ago

    I agree. There has been more advice on how to prep meal via YouTube and we can definitely save more. Also, knowing more personally what goes into the food we eat is way healthier than eating out.

  • Blair villanueva
    10 months ago

    Thanks for your reminders. Since am living alone, i have no time to prep my meal, coz am always on-the-go. Except when my Mom is with me, I can’t even leave the house without having a full breakfast 🙂

  • katriza
    10 months ago

    I tell myself everyday that I will set up my meal planner like I told myself in my budget I would do and yet never get around to doing it! ugh!

  • Thank you so much for your advice ! you are so right i am just not as organised !