Leather: The Truth Behind Making Real Leather

I am not going to lie, I used to be an avid leather user until I discovered some disheartening news and found out the truth behind real leather. PETA underwent an undercover investigation last year and obtained horrific footage displaying dogs and cats being brutally slaughtered for the use of leather. I do not advise watching the video (I did and I will never get the images out of my head) but here is the link if you would like to see. In addition, if your leather bag is labeled cowhide, you might be getting fooled because it is highly common for leather that is made from dogs and cats to be mislabeled as cowhide. Ah I know.. it is absolutely heartbreaking but I am being aware when I shop and you can too! Check out some of my favorite places that sell high quality cruelty-free leather.
I used to like real leather because I portrayed faux fabric as being “cheap.” This is NOT true. Choosing vegan leather means you rise against inhumane ways and are not contributing to the suffering of our furry friends. 

Animals are not ours to wear


Shops I love that sell vegan fabrics:

Willow Oversized Jacket from Nasty Gal


Photo from Nasty Gal

Oh Snap Vegan Mini from Free People 


Photo from Free People

Vegan Maddie Tie Up Sandal

Photo from Free People

Stanza Shoulder Bag from Anthropologie

Photo from Anthropologie

19 Responses to “Leather: The Truth Behind Making Real Leather

  • Wow, why did I watch the video? That is horrific and something that I'm sure many are unaware of. There has recently been reports of a few brands using cat fur and passing it off as faux fur. It's an awful world we live in.

  • I have many leather things, but never really gave much thought to the animal that I came from. Sad.

  • I don't wear much leather for this exact reason. Such a sad case! Thank you for bringing this to light.

  • Well actually that is the reason why I prefer to use synthetic. IN that way I know no animals were sacrificed.

  • I have never really even wanted real leather. Especially for clothes, it was just not something I gravitated too. The fake leather is really nice now a days though.

  • I have to say I do have many leather items but never thought about it. Wow, you really made me think.

  • I personally do not wear leather. If I have leather, it's fake leather, and it's just as nice to me.

  • I love this article! It makes my day when I come across an article promoting veganism. We recently bought vegan 'leather' boots and we just love them. Check out https://vegan-shoes-usa.com/ You will fall in love.

  • Definitely NOT watching that video. I am a carnivore, but I don't wear or use leather because I prefer non-animal clothing. We all have to draw the line somewhere.

  • Great info! This comes as no surprise to me. Sadly, I've heard about animal cruelty in other ways besides using them as wearables. It all seems never-ending. But awareness is always the first step. Keep sharing!

  • This is such good info. Thank you for bringing this to light.

  • Thanks for not just putting the video up without warning. I don't need to see what I know happens. I believe whole heartedly in faux animal skins in many uses.

  • I have a hard time even watching movies that depict things happening to animals and children, so I didn't watch the video. I don't buy leather anyway.

  • Those are some beautiful faux leather clothing. I definitely understand the desire to protect the world around us, including the creatures in the world.

  • I am going to give myself the courage to watch the video but sometimes I feel like brands are mislabeling products and claiming they are faux leather when they are not. How do we tell the difference do you know? xx

  • This is one of the reasons I don't buy leather!

  • Elizabeth O.
    8 months ago

    I was never comfortable with the fashion items that were made from animal skin and fur… and more. It’s really disturbing. I love that there are brands now that choose not to make anything from animals.

  • Carol Cassara
    8 months ago

    These are brands that I would love to check out. I am done with fashion labels that kill animals deliberately for their own gain. It’s not something that I would support even if I love fashion.

  • CourtneyLynne
    8 months ago

    Ughhh things like this break my heart!!! I’m a big animal lover and seeing an animal in any kind of pain just kills me :-/