Reusable Bags: Say No to Plastic Bags

Just Say No To Plastic Bags!
Did you know that about 100 billion plastic bags are being discarded by Americans yearly? Did you also know that it takes about 1,000 years for a plastic bag to decompose? Unfortunately, plastic bags end up in oceans, lakes and landfills leaving it a disaster for wildlife. Plastic bags are a critical hazard to the environment that are being excessively used and discarded. Sadly, stores give out endless amounts of plastic bags to customers for free!
I was ecstatic when I found out late last year that people in California voted to ban plastic bags in stores statewide. I was actually one of many who voted to play a part in banning plastic bags! If you forget your reusable bag, stores in California also gives you an option to purchase a reusable bag for about 10 cents. Ecologically, banning plastic bag statewide is a wonderful thing! Even if you do not live in California, you can choose to stop using plastic bags and start using reusable bags to play a part in helping the environment! Try to also bring awareness to those around you about the harmful effects of plastic bags.

Esse Reusable Grocery Bag Set

I was so happy to team up with Esse and to receive a premium reusable grocery bag set! The set includes three reusable bags with a carrying tote that are made from recycled water bottles. I especially love how durable these bags are compared to normal reusable bags since they can hold up to 35 lbs! I also found it convenient how these bags fold up and fit in the small carrying tote it comes with. Lets all try to be part of the solution rather than be the problem!

“The key to a greener planet is in your hands” -unknown

Esse did provide me a sample of the reusable bag set. Nonetheless, I only recommend items that I use personally and honestly like. 



12 Responses to “Reusable Bags: Say No to Plastic Bags

  • I love the message you are sending. We actually use reusable walmart bags for our trips! So much easier than plastic bags!

  • I also use reusable bags. I do use plastic but reuse those to. I would actually love to see paper bags come back. I don't like how my only option is to pay for plastic bags if I don't have my fabric ones with me. Paper I would even pay more for and at least the can be recycled and used for projects.

  • I dislike plastic bags a lot – even when, there was no hue and cry about banning plastic bags. I have a few cotton bags that I use regularly and I;m happy that stores are now more environment conscious about not using plastic bags.

  • Where I live, plastic bags are banned, you either use eco bags like this or go with brown paper bags. It's good that people are making a stand to help out our environment. I hope you keep promoting the use of eco bags!

  • I am guilty of using plastic bags. When I read your article it really made me think about how it is harming us and everything around us. I know where I live in NY there was supposed to be a ban on them in grocery stores but it still hasn't gone through yet.

  • I don't use a plastic bags anymore I prefer that reusable bags. They're look nice and you can buy some with funny sentences

  • I need to work on using these more. So many plastic bags go to waste! I think there will come a day when grocery stores won't provide bags anymore and you have to buy these.


  • I think it is a great idea to use reuseable bags and I use one all the time for shopping. I found out recently that plastic bottles take way longer to decompose so maybe plastic bottle will be next to go.

  • we love cloth bags. not only because they are great for the environment, but also easier to handle.

  • I love that bag you have! I've been wanting to try reusable bags for awhile!

  • I try not to use plastic bags ever. I much prefer paper. Of course, reusable is always better.

  • it's really hard to get out of the habit of using plastic bags when they are so easy and convenient but, I love this bag and can definitely see myself making a conscious effort to carry a reusable bag around for shopping excursions.