The Love For Longboarding

If there’s one thing you see while walking while walking on a boardwalk in Southern California, you see countless people cruising on longboards. Longboards are a longer skateboard that can be a variety of shapes and sizes and are used for cruising, down-hilling and free riding. Longboards have became quite popular and I can definitely see why. I find longboarding to be very therapeutic and relaxing because I feel that riding a board can ease my mind by escaping into my own world and clearing my thoughts. Therefore, I believe longboarding can certainly be a form of meditation. At the same time, longboarding can give an adrenaline rush and excitement when going fast speeds or down a hill.

Leader Accessories

I teamed up with Leader Accessories and received an awesome drop-through blue longboard. The longboard is great quality with a lot of stability and flexibility making it suitable for long rides. Particularly, I love how this longboard has flexibility because it has shock absorption resulting in less stress to the knees and ankles when riding in rough terrain. This longboard also has a kicktail than can be used for doing tricks or making quick turns. All in all, I personally believe this longboard is a great buy if you want to use it for long trips, downhilling or free riding. You can find this awesome longboard here.


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