San Diego’s Hidden Sea Cave

I bet you didn’t know that San Diego has a hidden Sea Cave! Come on, what doesn’t San Diego have? San Diego’s hidden sea cave is located at the Cabrillo National Park in the Tide pools. It only cost $5 to enter the Cabrillo National Park. However, you can get in the national park at no charge if you are active duty by just showing your military ID. With slippery rocks, adrenal rushing and a little swashbuckling… it is quit an adventure to get to the sea cave but it is well worth being able to see the impeccable views in the sea cave.
Tips: I highly advised to go to the sea cave at low tide because that is when the trail and cave is fully accessible and there is the least risks. Also, be aware of the tides once you’re there so you don’t get stuck on your way back. Make sure you wear your old, beat up pair of sneakers if you end up not going at low tide because you are bound to get them soaked! Lastly, make sure to go to the Cabrillo National Park earlier in the day because it closes after sunset.
Have any of you been in a sea cave before? Tell me about your adventures! 


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